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 Bad restaurants and bad wait staff

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PostSubject: Bad restaurants and bad wait staff   Tue Dec 31, 2013 9:43 pm

I have 2 things I wanna post about this topic today one happened today and the other one happened yesterday while I was visiting my grandparents in Mansfield, Ohio.

The first one I'll share is the one I'm used to by now.  Not once have I had a perfect Big Mac(R) there is always something wrong with mine today was my second time ever having onion on it but there was barely any secret sauce it is supposed to taste tangy mine tasted cheesy and I had a McDouble(R) and there was no ketchup at all sure I don't like ketchup but I dislike American cheese more.

If that wasn't bad enough things were worse yesterday.  Ok we were at one of the last sit down and eat and we'll serve you Pizza Hut(TM) places I've been to and I don't think I want to ever again.  Ok, I'll tell you although I don't want to, but not quite yet because my iPad is nearly out of power and I need to charge it. Bye for now...

Ok when I went to Pizza Hut(TM) we entered the restaurant and there were going to be 9 of us and 2 were already there so we were thinking there would be 9 seats and 9 menus, but there were 8 seats and 2 menus. So when our waitress came she gave us 7 more menus and we ordered our drinks. Then after she gave us our drinks she took our order for food so she went and took orders from my family, but not my dad's friends from high school, oh and also my aunt ordered coffee they were out so they were making more. So when she did take my dad's friends orders she did it on a new page. Ok now is when things went horrible apparently their dishwasher was broken so five out of nine of our plates were clean so when the waitress came back with our food she gave us 4 new clean plates. My aunt was going to eat a sandwich because she had lots of pizza earlier the week, but she didn't like the Italian dressing and wanted mayonnaise and they were out. So she had pasta instead. When my aunt got her food she still didn't have anything to drink so then she finds out they don't have cream so she has water instead. While all this was going on my dad's friends didn't have any food even after I finished my personal pan pizza and my family was almost done. So my dad goes to the counter and tells them about this. I almost forgot something the waitress kept on complaining about the weather and how she wanted to stay the night there. Now back to the story at hand, my younger brother wasn't done eating and ran out of his drink and he only got one refill when he could have as much as he wanted and the waitress only came back three times, but not for refills the first time was when she brought breadsticks to my dad's friends and they asked to see the manager. The second time was when she brought out their pizza and that took an hour btw and one of them had to get up early for work so they took it to go. And the third was when she took our receipt out. I'm getting tired of talking about this so I'll tell you about the waitress's quote of the night "I don't get why I always get the tables that have problems." And she always had excuses why it wasn't her fault.

The playmat I've always wanted:

Best yugioh card in existence:

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PostSubject: Re: Bad restaurants and bad wait staff   Tue Dec 31, 2013 9:50 pm

Why do you put reserved on products? McDonalds isn't gonna check a yugioh forum lol. I think the solution to your problem is to not eat at mcdonalds. It's extremely unhealthy and disgusting
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Bad restaurants and bad wait staff
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