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 OK well lets go for it

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PostSubject: OK well lets go for it   Sun Feb 02, 2014 7:48 am

Ok I noticed that you have this lessons/class room banner and almost no one has posted in it so I've taken the liberty to post a lesson on here

Ok so lesson 1:

Hello CNA and thank you for coming to class today! Todays lesson is on Mandatory Effects Now not all effects in yugioh are manditory for instance Gorz the Emissary of Darkness can anyone tell me why his effect is not mandatory? Yes you in the back! Yes! Thank you for all of you who where to busy talking to your neighbors *cough cough luster cough cough* heres what he said. Gorz's effect is not mandatory because it has the words "You Can"
Now because of the way its worded you have the choice to summon him or to not summon him. Now to spot a mandatory effect Heres what you'd be looking for: When this card is sent to the grave yard add one spell/trap card to your hand, or When this card is sent to the grave yard banish one dark monster to special summon a light monster in defense, now of course these cards aren't real lol. But the way they are worded shows that it must happen. Now if the effects looked some thing like this When this card is sent to the grave yard you can add one spell/trap card to your hand. The key word in that effect is "can" because it indicates that you can choose not to activate the effect. Yea if you guys liked this then I will definitely do another one!
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OK well lets go for it
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